work in progress.

ok ok i’m out the door.

good bye July with all of your tempest and strife, in with August and flying colours.  we’re going to hide in a town called Tiny for a bit first, all i’m really good for right now is swimming and beach bumming.


Lord Luther - A Thinkin’ Man’s Girl (audio only)

but this is where i spend most of my time and effort.  figuring out how best to feed people and bees and parasitic wasps and birds and worms and earth.

these are a few of the animals who helped me remember how to be human.  the crazy neurotic italian chicken who gets blamed for all woes. she went bald on top but has more feather than she needs on her bottom. heidi the donkey who does not like it when i groom her friend raven instead of her.  the two heavy footed french geese who like no one except for each other.  elvis the pelvis, rapist dirty duck.  the cranky ponies who obviously don’t belong to mennonites, one of whom nipped at me today because after a beer i had a hard time figuring out how to put her fly mask on.  and my favorite nubian hiding behind them.  he’s just so wonderful, i’d never eat him by choice.

my makeshift office today.  barns are sexy.