work in progress.

small pieces of pinus nigrus, chamomile growing wild in the leggy jasmine, battered flying fish, bee balm for a reason, elephant amaranth about to grow his balls.

the latest technology in ground hog repellence.

i got scratch marks all over my instinct is to hold the rabbits close to my chest instead of by the feet and i refuse to cut their nails.

that was then, this is now.

i don’t know what’s going on.  so much to do i feel frantic.  instead of hustling harder i feel its time to slow down.  went out to pay bills and pick up supplies.  that went wrong.  nothing worked out. so for some reason i decided to harvest a bunch of elderflower. added lemon juice and rind, citric acid, set to steep for three days in syrup made of water and cane sugar, for cordial.  because i don’t have enough to do.

i did find this nice note on my walk.  but i came home to find my father in my yard.  he was armed with red paint, apparently.  for some reason he painted my fence.  sort of.  and it was my favorite colour of weathered brown.  now it looks like zoro was in town.  deep breaths, and daisies.

i ran into eamon harper yesterday for the first time in seventeen years and it made me think of things.

this happened when i was thirteen.

but where i was living, the soundtrack was furnished by the tragically hip.  bobcaygeon, yo.

then i ran away to a place where it was bluegrass with names like hurtin’ unit and nick cave and dank hip hop with a little house and some funk thrown in for good measure.

without light, no chance

without dark, no dance

gonna be 5 at august’s end.